Introduction: Hello and Welcome!

Hello! Welcome to Modern Oak Designs. My name is Erika and my pup is Oakley, also known as Oakley Skyler on Instagram |@oakleyskyler| To start off our shop's blog, I would like introduce us.

Like most Instagram dog mom's, I am obsessed with my pup. I adopted her on November 21, 2019 from A New Life Charitable Foundation. I was so adamant to adopt because my first dog ever was adopted from the San Diego Humane Society. I searched everywhere for the right dog. I knew full well this puppy would be my first pup that I was fully responsible for financially, so I wanted to make the right choice to bring home a dog that fits me. I had planned to met another litter from a "rescue" the day I met Oakley. Let's just say, they wanted to met in a parking lot of a bus station, and I found that way to sketchy for me. I canceled for fear of... well my life. I found out that another rescue was holding a pet adoption event near me in front of a pet store, so I applied to become a possible candidate.

A year later, I have my squish, chunker, princess, Oakley Dokely, Oaksies, etc. She is truly the princess in my household, and probably get's away with too much mischief. To say she is spoiled is an understatement. Oakley was named after my first dog, Skye. Hence, Oakley Skyler.

OUR bandana collection started soon after I began sharing photos of Oakley on Instagram. I wanted a place to share her growth and progress. I love capturing Oakley's goofy side through photos and videos. What better way to keep on adding to her collection? To learn to make bandanas of course! That's how Modern Oak Designs was created. Actually, to be real, Modern Oak Designs started because I, similar to many people this year, lost my part-time job. Unfortunately, I catch any illnesses fairly easily AND I have asthma AND the first part of my body that are usually affected is are my lungs. Working outside from home was not an option.

Modern Oak Designs, also MOD, is a pet bandana shop located on Etsy. I sell reversible tie-on pet bandanas for many seasons and holidays. I am the most active on Instagram |@modern.oak| because I love the interactions I have with my models and customers. I hand sew all my bandanas, and my fabrics are sourced from many different fabric stores. I heavily believe in shopping small- so when I can and if its available a lot of the stores resources are sources from small shops as well.

With this blog, I hope to expand my reach and share more of my plans for Modern Oak Designs. I have so many great plans for 2021. :)

|Social Media Platforms|

Instagram: @modern.oak | @oakleyskyler

Facebook: Modern Oak Designs

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